Trusted Electrical Services for Over 20 Years

For over 20 years, we have provided trusted electrical services in Perth and South West WA. From homeowners to large companies, we have the experience and knowledge to get all your electrical work done to the highest standard. We've got you covered, from data cabling in Perth to solar panels in Busselton.

Air Conditioning

We supply and install residential and commercial air conditioning. We are experienced with both split systems and ducted air conditioners.

Data Cabling

Powerlec offers data-cabling solutions for offices, warehouses, factories and homes, including the complete installation and extension of existing networks.

Solar Power

We offer complete solar power solutions to improve the efficiency of your home or office. We can install and maintain the system for you, ensuring that it works safely and efficiently.


Powerlec covers all electrical solutions, including lighting, wiring, switchboards, industrial solutions, new home installations and much, much more.

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Proud History,
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Craig Woods

Managing Director
Established in 1998 by Craig Woods, Powerlec has been a premier provider of electrical services for over 20 years. Growing with the market, we established a presence not only in Perth but also in the southwest with offices in Jandakot and Busselton.

Forward Thinking

We understand the advancements in technology and bring those benefits to you.

Exceptional Service

Our focus on exceptional customer service means confidence and peace of mind for you.


We guarantee consistent, quality workmanship on every project. That's why we have many long term clients.


With over 20 years experience, we've clocked a lot of hours. We take that specialist insight and knowledge to every job.

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Perth Office
08 9417 9191

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How We Work

Our Process

From small domestic jobs to large commercial jobs, we value clear communication and honesty with our customers. Every job we approach we work hard to ensure you are happy with the outcome.

  • Quote Request

    You reach out to use and request a quote for the electrical work to be carried out.

  • Contact

    We follow up to understand the scope of work and, if necessary, arrange an onsite visit.

  • Quote

    Once we understand the scope, we provide an upfront quote for the job.

  • Job Actioned

    We carry out the job based on the agreed scope and quoted price.

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