Why Does the Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

It’s irritating to have safety switches tripping all the time. You should know your safety switch is doing its job since the purpose of the safety switch is to protect you from an electric shock and prevent electrical leakages in your home. 

However, you need to address the problem causing your safety switch to trip. You can hire an electrician to address the problem. After you fix the problem, your safety switch will stop tripping.

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Why Does the Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

The safety switch can trip due to several reasons, including: 

  • A faulty appliance or a leaking current. If you use a faulty electrical appliance, your safety switch can trip. 
  • Damaged wiring can cause your safety switch to trip. The wiring can wear and tear over time, damaging your wiring. 
  • The safety switch can trip due to a short-term electrical fault. It is easy to fix the electrical fault. 
  • If you run several electrical appliances at the same time, they can cause tripping. Unplug the appliances you are not using.  
  • Thunder, lightning and electrical storms can trigger RCD sensors to cause tripping. 
  • A faulty safety switch can also cause tripping. 

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What to Do If the Safety Switch Keeps Tripping?

If your safety switch keeps tripping, you must look for the problem and fix the problem immediately. 

Once your safety switch flips to “OFF”, switch it back to “ON”.  If the safety switch instantly flips back to “OFF” after you switch it to “ON”, then unplug all the appliances in your home. 

After unplugging your appliances, you can turn the switch back to “ON”. If the safety switch stays “ON”, you can now re-plug the appliances one after another until you find the appliance causing the safety switch to trip. 

You will need to contact an appliance repair technician to inspect and repair the appliance that is causing your safety switch to trip. 

If the safety switch keeps tripping after repairing the appliance, you need to contact a licenced electrician to inspect the problem. The electrician will fix the problem. 

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A safety switch protects you and your loved ones from an electric shock. However, if the safety switch keeps tripping, you might never use electricity in your home. Do not try to check your wiring to know the cause of the problem. It is much better to contact a qualified electrician to address the problem. 

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified electrician for safety switch installation in Busselton, contact Powerlec today. Call 08 9750 5203.

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