Why Does My RCD Switch Keep Tripping?

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a safety device installed on a property to avoid electrical shocks, fire, and even electrocution when it is in a functional state. RCD tripping occurs when the device switches off its own power when it detects an electrical circuit fault. If the RCD is constantly tripping it is most commonly due to a damaged electrical appliance. On the positive side, this confirms that the RCD is working properly.

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Here are some more reasons why the RCD device keeps tripping:

Faulty Electric Wiring

Dangerous electric wiring that has become fragile due to age can cause a short circuit. A short circuit occurs when the electrical current bypasses its destination – a resistor like a light bulb for example. The current continues to travel with the same voltage it started out with around the circuit outside its intended path. This causes electric wires to heat up resulting in fire or electric shock. When a short circuit is detected the circuit breaker actually turns off the power and not the RCD that accompanies it. Do you know the difference between RCD and a circuit breaker? Read here.

Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when the electrical current connects with the surface of the ground instead of traveling through its intended path. Anything that disturbs the intended path of the current can act as a pathway for the current on its way to the ground. Because our bodies conduct electricity, the current will travel through the body to reach the ground, causing electrocution. Objects like metal or water can also act as a conductor and if touched the current will travel via the body into the ground.

A Faulty Circuit

One or more circuits in the house may have developed a fault that can be difficult to detect without professional help.

If your RCD keeps on tripping after resetting, it is probably due to an electrical fault somewhere in the system. In order to protect yourself and members of your family from electric shock, it is highly recommended that you invest in some form of maintenance to ensure that your RCD is working properly to protect you from risks. We provide safety switch installation in Busselton. You can trust Powerlec in Perth and the South West of Western  Australia to conduct RCD inspections to ensure that your electrical currents are properly protected. 

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