What You Should Do After Solar Panel Installation

Now that your solar panels have been installed, what comes next? Many people have the idea that once the job is complete, they can sit back and relax. However, this is not the case. There are vital steps that you should take after the installation is finished to ensure that the panels are working at optimal performance.


The first step you should take after installing the solar panels is the electrical examination. A pertinent state electrical authority must conduct this examination within ten days of installation. However, there are also certain things that you can inspect to ensure the panels are working effectively.

Check to see if your system is operating according to standard once it is set up. A promising sign that it is is that a 6.6kW system should produce about 32kwh of energy per day on a sunny day. Your system may not have been properly commissioned or have high-quality panels if it is underperforming. Additionally, some panels might not be correctly connected. 

Update Your Home Insurance

Most insurance companies will include coverage for your solar panels in your home insurance policies since they view them as being a component of your home. However, it’s essential to verify that the amount insured for your solar panels is accurate. If you don’t update your sum insured, you risk being underinsured. 

Upgrading Your Meter

You’ll need to switch to a smart meter if your existing metre is a traditional accumulation one. Traditional meters only have a one-way flow capability and cannot monitor electricity that’s fed back into the grid. When your solar meter is installed, you can start collecting credits through your feed-in tariff to lower your electricity cost. The distributor of your electricity installs new meters.


Get your solar panels cleaned every two years because dirt accumulation on them can limit energy output by up to 2.5%. Doing this yourself can be risky, and you’ll also need specialised tools to finish the work correctly, so it’s best to leave it to the experts.

When it comes to the installation of solar energy systems in your house or place of business, Powerlec provides a thorough, exceptional service. We are forward-thinkers that are aware of what WA residents need. Contact us right away if you want to learn more about the possibilities that solar energy might provide for your building.

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