What Are the Different Types of Network Cabling?

What is Network Cabling?

It is using network cables to connect and transfer information and data between storage area networks, switches, routers, and computers. The data flows through the network cables.

Benefits of Network Cabling

  • It is simple to set up and understand network cabling.
  • It is also easy to identify the source of problems and fix them in structured cabling.
  • Network cabling is not only flexible. It also supplies much more bandwidth.
  • Business owners can use network cabling to keep their businesses neat and tidy.

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Four Types of Networking Cables:

1. Coaxial Cable.

This system is rarely used. Installing a coaxial cable is complex. The cable can resist signal obstruction. A plastic layer insulates the centre conductor and the braided metal.

2. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable

It is mostly used in business installations. It is suitable for areas with risk to the electrical current and potential interference. Its external shield works as a ground. You can use the shielded twisted pair cable to expand the distance between cables.

3. Fibre Optic Cable

It consists of several layers of protective materials that surround a centre glass core. Fibre optic cable does not transmit electronic signals. Instead, it transmits light, removing the electrical obstruction problem. It is suitable for areas with electrical interference. You can use it to connect networks between buildings.

4. Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable

It is mostly used for computer networking and conventional telephone. It does not have internal shielding. It is suitable for workgroups because of its good performance and flexibility. It has an outer insulating jacket that protects the cable from damage or physical stress.

It is important to understand how the different types of networking cabling affect the other aspects of a network.

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