Western Power Opens Vasse Depot

In February last year, Western Power launched a new state-of-the-art depot in Vasse Business Park, providing better power services to the entire South West region. The company invested $10 million in this servicing infrastructure that caters to Western Power personnel. Here, all the required maintenance work and network upgrades for the region’s power grid are performed.

Western Power Vasse Depot

First of its kind depot

This depot is the first one built specifically for servicing purposes. David Fyfe, WP Executive Manager of Asset Operations, said that the infrastructure was built with both crew safety and operational efficiency in mind. The desired outcome is that with this depot, consumers are guaranteed power services that are smooth and with minimal disruption.

The company also considered a local name for the facility that acknowledged the indigenous Wardandi people in the area. For this reason, WP decided to name their Vasse depot Mulgarup / Balbarignup, which are the local terms for “thunder and lightning.”

The new WP depot is almost 2 hectares wide with a vast covered parking garage. This allows the work crews to prepare equipment and vehicles in a safe, sheltered area before heading to the field. This protected area is essential given that they operate 24/7 and respond to incidents under virtually any weather condition.

More efficient power services

Western Power chose Vasse to house its new depot, mainly due to convenience. The location provides easy access to several towns close by. Compared to the previous facilities in Busselton and Margaret River, the new Vasse depot serves as a single site for all works done in the SW area. By centralising all servicing in one depot, the company can improve on operational and cost-efficiency.

Aside from Western Power, a handful of other businesses also operate within Vasse Business Park. One of them is Powerlec, a trusted electrical services provider in the SW region.

images from https://westernpower.com.au/, https://www.vasse.com.au/

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