Ways to Save Energy in Your Home This Summer

Ways to Save Energy this Summer

#1 : Reassess Your Home

Go around your house and check for the following:

  1. If cold air can leak through gaps under your doorways or in between windows and have them blocked up,
  2. If your appliances are on standby mode, in which case disconnect the power at the wall to save phantom energy usage and surges,
  3. If the filters in your air conditioner, dishwasher and washing machine and your fan blades are dirty, if your freezer needs a defrosting, or if your air con needs servicing,

You can also have your consumption assessed by a professional. Aside from detailing your energy consumption, they also make recommendations to help you save energy. Choosing the right electrician becomes crucial in such a case.

# 2: Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Choosing the right appliances makes all the difference in saving energy. The wrong size air conditioner, or perhaps a brand that cannot withstand Western Australian heat, may be racking up your consumption indiscriminately. 

When shopping for appliances, you should look for their star ratings to check on their energy efficiency.

If you already own these appliances, you can still do some small hacks.

  • You can alternate using electric fans instead of the air-con throughout the day.
  • Also, thaw frozen meats in the refrigerator overnight instead of defrosting them in the microwave.
  • You can also dry your wet clothes in the sun instead of using the dryer. 

#3: Consider Solar Power

It may cost some money upfront, but installing solar-powered panels in your home will yield a lot of savings as you lower your energy bill. It has no adverse effects or emissions and does not harm Mother Nature.

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