Understanding The Effect Of Dust On Solar Panels

Dust is a significant problem for solar panels in Busselton. Dust builds up on the panels’ surface and prevents sunlight from reaching the panel cells, reducing the amount of electricity that the panels produce. In addition, dust can also cause physical damage to the cells. The abrasive dust particles can scratch the surface of the cells, reducing their efficiency.

In extreme cases, enough dust buildup can cause the panels to short circuit. For this reason, it is essential to keep solar panels clean and free of dust. There are several ways to do this, including regular washing with water and special cleaning agents. You can also hire a professional to clean the solar panels thoroughly to increase their longevity.

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What Is a Photovoltaic Module (PV)?

A photovoltaic module is a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. It consists of numerous connected solar cells to form a large surface area. The module also has an external casing, which helps to protect the cells from the elements. When sunlight hits the module, the cells absorb the light and convert it into electrical current.

This current is used to power electrical devices or stored in batteries for later use. While photovoltaic modules are most commonly used to generate electricity, they can also be used for other purposes such as powering space satellites or measuring environmental conditions.

Factors That Cause Dust Accumulation 

Solar PV technology has been rapidly evolving in recent years. PV modules are now capable of generating electricity with high efficiency. However, there are many causes of dust accumulation that can affect the performance of PV modules:

Environmental Factors:

Dust is generated from many sources such as wind direction and movement, volcanic eruptions, snow, humidity, temperatures, and air pollution. In Busselton, with its hot, dry summers and the overall windy conditions in Western Australia, these factors can play a role in the performance of your solar panels. 

Type of Dust:

Dust properties consist of size, components, shape, and weight. If the surrounding dust is coarse, heavy, or acidic, this can cause erosion to the surface of the panels. 

Location and Installation Factors:

How solar panels are tilted and positioned can affect the way dust accumulates. A horizontal surface will gather more dust than a slightly tilted surface. In Busselton, where strong winds are often an occurrence, positioning the panels so that wind can clear the panel surface would be a good choice. 

Powerlec Solar Panel Installation Busselton

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