Tips for Choosing the Right Electrician

When looking for an electrical contractor, you need to do your homework. Finding a good, local, licensed electrician can be tricky at first. You’ll want to find out about their qualifications, compliance issues, and quality of work.  

The electrical system is not something to be taken lightly. A mistake by a careless electrician could cause a commercial or residential fire, blow appliances, or lead to expensive repairs.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of what to check for when choosing your certified electrical contractor.

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All territories and states in Australia have strict regulations in place. All electricians must, at the least, have a license to work. In some cases, to run a business, contractors should also be licensed as a Registered Electrical Contractor.

You can learn more about the requirements in Western Australia by checking the Western Australian building and energy site.

Please don’t take the contractor’s word for it. Ask to see their current license. If the license is outdated, or they refuse to show it to you, find someone else.


Part of the reason that electricians must be licensed is so that they remain compliant with the Wiring Rules for the country. Once they’ve completed the work you asked for, they must provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Compliance.

This certificate not only affirms that the work is up to code, but also that it’s working correctly. It might be wise to hold back payment until you receive this certificate.

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Hiring Your Electrician

Now let’s get down to how to hire the electrician:

  • Start with locals: A local knows the bylaws in your town and won’t charge a travel allowance.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: That way, you’ll have a better idea of what a reasonable price is. Quotes that are way below average are often best avoided.
  • Ask contractors that you know: If you’ve had a contractor that did a great job with your bathroom, ask them to recommend someone. Failing that, ask at a local hardware store.
  • Ask about the licence and compliance: Check the license and get them to confirm that they’ll provide a compliance certificate in writing.

Now you’re all set. Good luck.

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