Things You Should Ask Your Electrician

When you’re choosing to hire a licensed electrician in Busselton, you will want to look for extensive experience backed up by solid credentials and professional references. They should also have a good professional attitude and be able to communicate with you clearly about what you need to be done.

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Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Electrician Candidate

While may not know the technicalities needed for an electrical job, you can ask the following questions to know if a potential candidate is right for the job:

1. What does their license cover? Do they have insurance for the job?

Ask your electrician if they are licensed. They should be certified to cover the work that you need, as some licenses may have restrictions. An electrician should also have the proper insurance to cover the cost of the job.

2. Is their job estimate or quote competitive?

It would be best to get at least three quotes for the job that you have in mind. This will show a candidate that you know the fair market price in their industry.

3. Do they have professional references?

Any tradesman who has glowing references is a good candidate. A spotless professional reputation should be a good sign that you get will get the best value for your money.

4. Do they offer a service guarantee or warranty?

A skilled professional should be able to stand behind their work. Their quote should cover labour guarantees and manufacturer warranties for any fixtures that need to be installed.

In addition, you should also know if a candidate can perform the job with energy efficiency in mind. A good tradesman should also provide you with a long-term solution for your electrical service needs.

Hire a licensed electrician

Consider hiring a licensed electrician with a professional attitude who can do the job in the most efficient way possible, but still create a pleasant working experience.

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