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In these highly ecologically-aware times, renewable energy is no longer the province of major corporations. Still, it’s a concept that even ordinary people put into practice in their own homes. While the initial outlay for the installation of solar panels and equipment is considerable, the long-term benefits are undoubtedly worth it.

How Homes Use Solar Power in Busselton

  1. Get warmer with less mess and stress. When used for home heating systems – either for whole spaces or for heating water for bathing and cooking – solar power is a cleaner choice than gas-powered heating devices and is much safer.
  2. Charge it. Solar chargers for hand-held devices like phones and tablets or even slightly larger items like laptops are a great way to introduce solar power into your household.
  3. Slow-cooked to perfection. Solar ovens work like conventional slow-cookers: food is placed in a chamber within the oven, cooking it at a low but constant temperature for several hours.
  4. Light up the night. When placed in the sunniest parts of your yard and garden, solar lights can charge themselves throughout the day – regardless of the weather – to illuminate outdoor spaces at night.

Solar Power Facts

  • Solar energy is the most plentiful power source on the planet. Unlike fossil fuels which are a finite resource, solar power is generated by the sun, making it the epitome of sustainable and renewable energy.
  • If built and maintained correctly, solar power plants can work for up to 40 years or more. Over time and thanks to technological advancements, existing solar panels can be replaced with more efficient ones, ensuring homeowners of sustainable energy for years to come.
  • Solar power is the fastest and safest – energy for deployment in an emergency. While it may take days or even weeks before energy firms can restore power grids following a major storm or earthquake, solar panels need a quick safety check before activation.

How Does Solar Power Work?

  1. The photovoltaic (PV) cells in your solar panels absorb sunlight which is converted into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. DC electricity gets channelled into an inverter which converts it into safer alternating current (AC) power which is funnelled into a switchboard.
  3. From the switchboard, the converted solar energy powers the lighting and appliances in your home.

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