Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

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Installing Solar Panels in Busselton

More and more people across Australia are starting to install solar systems. They are installing solar panels on their roofs, gardens, and lawns. And why not? 

Solar energy has proven to be long-lasting and cost-efficient. At the same time, solar systems have seen amazing advancements, many of which helped to lower the cost of the materials and equipment involved. 

But, before you start with the installation process, there are many things to consider.

Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

To make you struggle less, we have listed some of the main things to consider before installing solar panels


The first thing you need to determine before installing solar panels is whether your home is a suitable candidate for solar systems. Solar panels don’t work efficiently in the shade. If your house is in the shadows or built next to a building or other large property, you might need to find a new location before going solar. 

Along with geographic location, it is a good idea to determine your house’s orientation. Southwest-facing roofs produce the most energy while north-facing roofs are a bit complex to work with. 

Roof type

If you are planning to install rooftop solar panels, you must ensure your roof is suitable for installation. Although contractors can install solar panels on every kind of roof, for some cases, it might require extra cost and time. 

Financing Options

Since the industry of solar systems is expanding every year and more manufacturers of solar panels pop out, it can be hard to understand which panels are good, inexpensive, and will last for years.

The cost of installing solar panels depends on several factors, such as the size of the system, type of panel, the warranty period, and the brand you use. But, generally, the implementation of solar panels ranges between $3,000 and $6,000. Based on your financing options, you can decide whether installing panels is the right thing to do at the moment. 

Before you proceed with your solar panel purchases, please go through our list to make sure you are familiar with all the things necessary for panel installation.

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