How many Solar Panels are Needed to Run a House?

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The question of how many solar panels are needed to power a home is a common one, especially as people are becoming more aware of the importance of using alternative sources of energy. So, is there a way one can determine the total number of solar panels required? Yes, through approximation.

Solar panels are often preferred for both electrical and hot water needs. To approximate the number of panels needed to power your household, you have to consider factors such as the total size of your home and the intended usage.

For instance, based on electrical estimations, a 150 square meter house with an electricity bill of $150 a month might require approximately 20 panels to power the entire house. Two solar panels can solve 70% of hot water needs for a family of four depending on the energy source for the hot water system.

solar panels installed on the roof

Factors Affecting the Number of Solar Panels

Daily Energy Usage

  • The number of solar panels required is based on your overall usage. A home with high electric consumption will require more panels to meet the total power needs. Similarly, if you want to use panels to substitute electricity and also heat water, then you will require more panels than a household looking to use solar for heating purposes only.
  • Your daily energy usage can help you know the number of solar panels you need for your house. Therefore, review your electricity bills to know your current daily energy usage.
  • Use your electricity bills of the past year to calculate your average daily energy usage. Once you know your daily energy usage, you will know the number of solar panels you need.

    Size of your Home

    Large homes require additional panels to serve the entire property. Small apartments or households typically require small panels, especially if the use is solely for heating water. But for a large apartment with high electrical needs, you might need several panels to power up the entire property.

    Sunshine Hours

    • Solar panels use solar energy to generate electricity. The solar panel placement on your roof can affect the number of solar panels you will need.
    • Ensure your solar panel placement on your roof is at the correct angle to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. So, you must have enough solar panels to install on your roof.

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    Your Energy Goals

    • Installing a solar energy system can save you on electricity bills. You must have a clear goal of how much energy you want to generate using your solar energy system.
    • The more energy you want to generate the more solar panels you will need. Your energy goals can directly influence the number of solar panels you will need.

    Roof Space for Installation

    The roof space for installing solar panels can influence the number of solar panels you will need. Having unusual pitch or heavily shaded sections on your roof can reduce the number of solar panels you need. Talk to professional installers to help you make the most of the available roof space.

    solar panels installed on the house

    How can I Install Solar Panels on my Home?

    Do not just focus on the number of solar panels you need for your house. Hire professional installers to properly install your solar panels and pick the correct number of solar panels for your home. To successfully install solar panels, you will need to contact professionals with relevant experience on solar panel installation. At Powerlec, we utilise solar pathfinder technology to determine the amount of sun your home receives annually, which helps us to calculate the total power you can generate. Measuring your solar access helps us to understand the best type of panels to install on your property for maximum power conversion.

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