RCD Switch: Working Mechanism and Types Explained

What is an RCD Safety Switch?

RCD stands for Residual Current Device. It is an electrical device that prevents electrical risks and hazards from happening. Therefore, it is a lifesaver as it prevents electric shock, fires, and electrocution. Basically, they cut off power promptly during electrical faults hence preventing hazards. 

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How does an RCD Switch Work?

RCD safety switches work by regulating and monitoring the number of electrical currents flowing through wires to various equipment. Normally, the amount of electrical current passing through two wires is always equal. However, when there is an electrical fault, there is an imbalance in the two flows, and the RCD switch detects that abnormally immediately.

The RCD safety switch hence reacts immediately by cutting off the power supply to the equipment. Notably, these safety switches are very sensitive, and they cut off the power supply immediately when they detect an electrical fault. In fact, they stop the current flow within 20 milliseconds, which is a life-saving speed. RCDs, therefore, offer a huge amount of protection against shocks and fire caused by an electrical fault.

Types of RCD Safety Switches

Portable RCD Switches 

These RCDs are commonly found attached to power extension leads and power supply boards. They only serve the role of protecting circuits of various equipment connected to them. Moreover, they can be transported from one power board to the other, or from one location to the other. 

PowerPoint RCDs

These are RCDs that are installed on a PowerPoint. Moreover, they can be distinguished by pressing a test button located on the faceplate. They are mostly used to protect electrical appliances found in specific places such as the bathroom. One of these RCDs can be used to protect multiple appliances from the electrical current surge.

Fixed RCDs

They are located in the fuse box, offering protection to electrical circuits. Depending on how they are installed, they can offer protection to individuals or groups of circuits. Notably, they are the safest option since they protect all the outlets and appliances on the protected circuits.

Meter Box RCDs

These are found alongside circuit breakers.  They are used to enhance the efficiency of circuit breakers to cut off power from the source. They help prevent electrical faults that occur in any circuit. Normally, they are over 90% effective. 

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Contact Powerlec for Safety Switch Installation

RCD safety switches are an important component in the electrical safety of any premises. Despite their high rate of efficiency in preventing hazards, they must be installed by a professional. Luckily, Powerlec offers the best safety switch installation in Busselton at a very affordable price. Call us today.

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