New Solar Initiative in Vasse

Renewable gas provider ATCO Gas Australia has championed a research and development project that will place Vasse residents at the forefront of a greener and more sustainable future. 

The project aims to reduce the region’s electric capacity issues, eliminate blackouts, and reduce overall energy bills for households. By combining natural gas generators, battery storages, and rooftop solar panels Busselton. ATCO Gas strives to provide innovative and sustainable energy solutions for Vasse residents. 

What is Solar Energy and How Does it Work?

Today, where a growing number of the world’s population has become enlightened on the climate change threat, renewable sources of energy have become a necessity. 

The sun is the most abundant and sustainable source of energy on Earth. Each ray contains millions of photos that, when harvested, can produce solar energy that can be converted into electrical or thermal energy. As the cleanest and greenest source of energy, solar energy has been growing more popular for areas that are more conscious of their carbon footprints. 

man standing next to rooftop solar panel in Vasse

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Renewable Source of Energy

The most critical benefit of solar energy is that it is a truly renewable source of energy. It never runs out, which means no more power outages.

Reduced Electric Bills

Since you will be generating most of your home’s energy needs, you can see a significant decrease in your monthly electric bills. The amount you save with solar energy depends on the size of your solar panels and the amount of electricity it generates. 

The Next Step to a Greener Future

ATCO Gas Australia’s trials are set for a minimum of six months. If you reside in Vasse and you want to take advantage of the project, you first need to have solar panels for your home.

Powerlec has been a trusted electrical service provider for over 20 years for both homeowners and large companies. They provide complete solar power solutions that are efficient and effective for your home. Give Powerlec a call today and find out what solar power solution is best for your home.

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