Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

We live in a time of widespread disinformation; It can prevent us from enjoying our lives if we don’t rigorously vet our sources. Some homeowners might be reluctant to consider solar panel installation on their roofs due to what they’ve heard or read online. It’s wise to know of some of these myths so that you’re not held back from the benefits of solar power.

Solar and the Sun

A common myth about solar panels is that they’re only able to operate while the sun is shining. Many think that their power will not work otherwise; for instance, when it rains. However, due to the fact that some sunlight reaches the earth even on cloudy days, solar technology may be used at almost anytime. In fact, considering heat interferes with the conversion of sunlight into power, solar panels typically function best in cold and sunny areas.

Moreover, your solar panels may be linked to battery storage to supply power at night. Unlike traditional backup generators, this one uses renewable energy, so even if the power goes out in your area, your power will still be on. 

Solar Is Pricey

A household solar system might cost anywhere between $15,000 and $35,000, but you don’t have to pay the full amount at the time of installation. Many solar financing alternatives exist that let you spread out your payments, and you may also take advantage of federal, state, and local tax breaks and rebates to defray the expenses.

Also, because they are sturdy and dependable, solar panels require little ongoing maintenance. To optimum power production, if you live in a dusty climate, you might want to clean them once a year, but that’s about it. 

Ownership When It Comes to Solar

Community solar programmes let you utilise solar power even if you rent your home or live in an apartment complex. With solar community initiatives, several individuals may enjoy the benefits of a single solar installation. These arrays can be put off-site or on your building. The installation of the solar energy system and the associated purchase costs are subsequently split among all participants. Everyone can then invest in the shared system at a level that best suits their financial situation.

At Powerlec, we’re equipped to handle everything you need when it comes to solar power. Since being established in 1988, our vast knowledge will give you peace of mind that your solar will be well looked after. Contact us today for our expert services.

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