A Guide to Maintaining and Troubleshooting Solar Panels

One of the most pertinent reasons why people are switching to renewable energy sources, like solar panels, is the ongoing increase in energy bill expenses. However, you must take care of your system with appropriate solar panel maintenance and cleaning if you want to pay back your initial investment and save a lot of money in the long run.

How Should You Care For Your Solar Panels?

Fortunately, if you do it correctly, maintaining solar panels is a rather simple operation. Your panels will endure for decades, providing you with considerable financial savings. The most important maintenance task is cleaning. Your PV cells typically accumulate dirt, dried leaves, mud, and other debris, particularly after a storm or prolonged droughts. 

When the whole surface of your solar panels is not entirely clear of dirt, less sunlight will be effectively absorbed, which will result in less electrical current being produced. You could approach this solar panel cleaning much as you would with car washing; no abrasive materials, warm water, dish soap, and a brand-new sponge. Remember to protect the PV cells’ surfaces from scratches at all costs.

How Frequently Do Solar Panels Need to Be Maintained?

There are two specific forms of solar panel maintenance duties you want to think about, along with how frequently you might complete each of them.


In this situation, a professional will visit once a year to inspect the complete solar system and ensure that everything is operating as it should.


In the end, the cleaning frequency will depend on the environment and the weather. In general, make sure to do general cleaning monthly, but typically, you may perform a thorough cleaning twice a year or more frequently as necessary. Once a year should be plenty if you live in a region that receives a lot of rain and your solar panels, don’t accumulate a lot of trash. Your inspections will determine the solution.

The Price of Upkeep for Solar Panels

Maintenance on solar panels is astonishingly affordable. The average annual cost for an owner of a solar energy system is $450, including one annual inspection from a professional. However, paying these expert costs is safer and more practical if you aren’t used to working on rooftops. When in doubt, call an expert for assistance.

Troubleshooting Your Solar Panels

If you experience any issues with your solar panel system, the first thing you should do is check for proper wiring connections. If all connections are secure, then the next step is to investigate the inverter. If the inverter is having issues, you may need to replace it.

Another issue could be caused by the weather. If you experience a lot of cloudy days and your solar panel system isn’t producing enough electricity, you may need to replace the solar panels to ensure they are functioning properly.

Finally, you should always monitor solar panel performance and energy production. If you notice that the energy production is falling, you may need to clean the panels.

At Powerlec Electrical and Data, our team of specialists with more than 20 years of expertise apply our consistently high-calibre work on solar in every job. With us, you can be sure that your solar panels receive nothing but the best care. Contact us today for a fast quote.

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