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Powerlec provides electrical services from electric light installations to solar panels and data cabling for homeowners and companies in Perth and South West WA.

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Powerlec provides electrical services from electric light installations to solar panels and data cabling for homeowners and companies in Perth and South West WA.

We use innovative lighting designs that combine electrical lighting strategies and daylighting solutions to maximise light distribution inside a home or office building. It considers how whole building energy can impact the overall energy usage of a building and integrates the use of daylight entry through windows and skylights with electric lighting. 

Effective designs ensure that lighting is placed where needed and reduced or eliminated elsewhere. Well-designed, efficient lighting can yield energy savings in homes and office buildings, depending on how it is used. The makeup of a particular lighting design, installed lighting technologies used, and user behaviour can make a difference in energy savings.

Most homes need two types of lighting – general lighting and task or accent lighting. Each type will need different light fittings and lamps to fulfill its purpose.

General ambient lighting is needed in most rooms and is fundamental to a good lighting plan. It includes:

  • Omni-directional (lighting in all directions) in the form of wall or ceiling-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, lamps, and pendants.
  • Light fittings and lampshades that allow most of the light to shine through, requiring lower wattage lamps. Opaque light fittings and lampshades can absorb or block up to 50% and more of transmitted light.
  • Directional lighting to complement ambient lighting.

Task lighting is mainly used to provide light for specific tasks such as cooking, reading, hobbies, games, sewing, homework, desk work, or any other activities. Task lighting should be free of distracting shadows and glare but bright enough to illuminate the surface without causing eye strain. Table, floor, or desk lamps can be used if the activities it is used for are likely to change location to other rooms in the home. Where task surfaces remain in the same area, for example over kitchen surfaces, workbenches, or tables used for hobbies or games, fixed directional lighting is used.

At Powerlec our experienced electricians are highly trained to provide professional electrical services to homeowners, property managers, and business owners throughout the Perth area. We are fully insured to carry out any domestic or commercial electrical work to the highest Australian standards. If you choose Powerlec to install your lighting you can rest assured that all your expectations will be met and even exceeded. Call us today for a free quote.

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