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LED lights are low-current, low-voltage devices and more efficient and cost-effective than traditional lighting fixtures. They produce lumens per watt much greater than incandescent lamps & rival fluorescent lamps.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a relatively old technology that has advanced since 1970 from numeric displays and indicator lights to a wide range of new applications, including task lights, accent lights, wall sconces, vehicle lights, signage, outdoor lighting, and more.


Types Of LED Lights

On average, LED lights consume at least 80% less energy than other alternatives, resulting in an astronomical amount of saved energy over time. Some of the most popular types of LED lights available on the market:


Mini LEDs 

LED light technology has improved over the years and these lights are getting smaller and more compact. These lights come in a single colour and shape and include chip, nano, and pico LEDs.


Application-Specific LEDs 

These LED lights serve a specific need of the user. Application-specific LED lights can be personalised according to your needs.


Alphanumeric LEDs 

Typically seen in older digital clocks, they are still prevalent in the market.


The Benefits Of Switching To LEDs

  • Energy efficiency
  • Long lifespan
  • The ability to operate in cold weather
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Design flexibility
  • No UV emissions
  • Low voltage operation
  • Government incentives in the form of energy rebates


Why Do You Need To Use A Professional To Install Your LED Lights?

  • LED light installation requires a thorough needs analysis and energy audit.
  • A professional will review your existing lighting system to determine whether it can be replaced with LED lights.
  • New South Wales’ service and installation rules require that you use a professional service provider to install LED lights in your Busselton home.


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