Importance of Safety Switches in your Switchboard

After working for many houses and establishments in Australia, we’ve found out that there are still plenty of homes that rely on old and dangerously outdated fuse boards. 

These fuse boards, however, are no longer compliant with the current electrical safety standards.

Most of them are quite difficult to maintain, very risky, and often do not have safety switches which significantly increases the danger of electrocution.

If your Busselton home is one of them, then you are in dire need of an upgrade because you’re in more danger than you think!

Here’s why safety switches are very important to have on your switchboard. 

1. They will help protect you from shock, injury, or death.

Residual Current Device (RCD), more commonly known as safety switches, is the only safety device in your switchboard that prevents a person from electric shocks.

How about circuit breakers?

Circuit breakers protect your electrical circuits from overloading. This means that circuit breakers are mainly designed to protect household equipment. Not you, at least not directly.

On the other hand, safety switches are triggered when it detects electricity spilling from a circuit and going someplace it shouldn’t. It disconnects power immediately to protect you and any member of your family from shock, injury, or in worst cases, death.

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2. It’s a vital, extra line of defence.

Every electronic device in your house, when it becomes faulty, tends to cause electrical burns and other related injuries.

The problem is that you never really know the first time it starts being faulty and it’s almost quite impossible not to touch these devices when interacting with them. And when kids and pets are involved, the risk just skyrockets!

So instead of risking whether you’ll survive the first electrocution or not, the safety switch becomes an indispensable fail-safe to protect you from unexpected disasters.

3. Multiple safety switches help prevent nuisance tripping. 

Having one safety switch is good. But if you use too many electrical devices that use too much power, you may experience what they call “nuisance tripping.”

Think of it this way. Your TV is on, your washing machine is turning, you heating something in the oven, and as soon as you flick the kettle, your TV (or another device) goes off.

This can be because of a faulty electrical appliance, or simply because you only have one safety switch to protect everything that’s connected to your switchboard.

Having more than one safety switch will save your home from excessive nuisance tripping and help you better pinpoint which appliance is faulty.
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Get your Switchboard Checked!

So is your home keeping up with the current electrical standards? If you’re unsure whether you need to replace or install safety switches in Busselton or do a maintenance check on your switchboard, call us and get the best deal in the market! 

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