How To Install Lighting In a Room With No Overhead Lights

Are you moving to a house or apartment with no overhead lighting installed? If you want overhead lights rather than an alternative mode of lighting, then don’t worry. You can DIY install your overhead lights.

Tips on How To Install Lighting in a Room Without Overhead Lights

Here are helpful guidelines on how to install overhead lights in your room:

Sketch an electrical diagram

First things first: draw an electrical diagram of your lighting. 

Do a layout of where the lighting fixtures, power source, and wiring routes will be positioned. If you plan to install power outlets, then you can also include them in the plan. Don’t forget to include the necessary materials you need for the installation.

Map out wire routes

Using chalk or masking tape, draw on the ceiling and wall to guide your wiring route.

Cut access holes in the drywall

Using a drywall saw, cut out the walling and ceiling based on your guide.

Insert the wires through the ceiling and walls

Next up: insert the wire from the power source or the RCD switch connecting to the junction box hole. Finally, insert the other line from the light switch to the junction box hole and to the light. 

If you include setting up a power outlet in your plan, you’ll need to attach the wire from the outlet towards the junction box hole.

Place the junction box and install the fixture

Securely install the junction box and connect the wires from the RCD, light, and power outlets. Use the Series Type of circuit in connecting the wires.

After connecting all the wires, install the lighting fixture to its designated place.

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Test the new light and outlet

After installing all the wires to the light, switch, outlet, and RCD switch, it’s now time for testing. Switch on the light switch if the fixture turns on. Check the power outlet if there’s electricity flowing. 

You may use an outlet tester, voltage tester, or simply plug in your cellphone charger and connect your cellphone if it will charge. If it’s okay, then you’re good to go. 

Need Lighting? Contact Powerlec

While you can teach yourself to install lighting fixtures or overhead lights, we strongly recommend hiring a licenced electrician for lighting installation in Busselton. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous.

Contact Powerlec now, and we will handle your pressing electricity needs.

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