How to Get Solar Power Installed in Your Home?


Renewable energy is a catchphrase we’ve all heard often enough over the past decade. But it’s a catchphrase that is rapidly becoming a daily reality in the lives of many Australians.  Many are making the jump to more sustainable ways of powering their homes and communities, including making the switch to solar power.

However, solar needs a great deal of forethought, training, and knowledge on the part of the homeowner. Fortunately, many solar panel companies give their customers a helping hand. Here are tips on installing solar power in Busselton for your home.

Solar Panel Installation Process

1. Research, Research, Research

First of all, do you even know if solar power is the right choice for powering your home? Do your research before you make that decision: see how putting in solar panels will make a difference in terms of the following:

  • Whether you need photovoltaic (PV) panels or a battery;
  • If the setup and overall maintenance are within your budget;
  • What sort of returns on investment you’re looking for; and
  • If you’re going to get any government incentives for going green.

2. Shop Around for a Reliable Provider

Not all solar power providers are created equal, so be sure to read listings and reviews carefully to see who offers the best possible deals and services within your area.

3. Make a Plan for Your Connection

Once you’ve chosen a service provider, coordinate with them to check what sort of solar power set-up works best for your home, along with an installation timeline to determine how long the work will take and what type of work and equipment will be involved.

3. Sign-off and Bring in the Professionals

Upon signing your contract, make sure that the crew installing your solar panels is CEC-accredited and provides proper documentation for everything including equipment, manpower detail, commissioning sheet, and warranty information. 

4. Get Connected and Stay Connected

Your service provider will hook you up to the solar grid and will also need to change your power meter, depending on regulations within your state. Note that many service providers also clean and inspect solar panels on a regular basis for easier maintenance.

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