How to Connect Solar Panels to the Grid?

Installing solar panels in your Busselton home can reduce the amount of energy you buy from the electricity supplier, reducing your energy costs. You can even sell back the surplus energy to your energy retailer. 

Once you install your solar system, it can pay for itself in 2 to 5 years. You can even install a high-quality solar system to increase the value of your house. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting solar panels to the grid: 

1. You and/or your installer can design your solar system. 

2. You or your installer submits an application to connect with the Electricity Distributor. 

3. Once the Electricity Distributor accepts your application to connect, the Electricity Distributor sends you or your installer an approval reference number through email. 

4. Then, the Electricity Retailer checks the eligibility of your solar system for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) and whether you or not need a new power meter. Then, the Electricity Retailer informs you if you are eligible for REBS. 

5. Should you need a new power meter; the Electricity Retailer initiates a Metering Service Order with the Provider to install a new meter. If you do not need a meter, you can now reprogram it for REBS and record the system connection. 

6. The Meter Provider bills the Electricity Retailer for its service. The charges are passed on to your bill. 

7. The installer can now install your solar power system

8. Then, the installer sends the appropriate preliminary and completion notices to the Electricity Distributor. 

9. You can now apply for Solar Credits or Renewable Energy Certificates that you are eligible for. 

10. You will, then, get a confirmation letter that confirms that have been accepted into the Renewable Energy Tariff scheme. 

11. Energy Safety can perform a sample inspection of your solar system. 

12. You are officially a small-scale energy producer. 

Feeling overwhelmed? 

All these steps can overwhelm you. It is, therefore, beneficial to hire an expert to help you install and connect your solar system to the grid. If you are looking for an electrician to install and connect solar panels to the grid, contact Powerlec.

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