How to Clean Your Solar Panels in Spring (Prepare for Summer)

Now that you finally have solar panels installed in your house, you probably feel excited about the prospect of saving hundreds on your monthly energy bills. But do you know that you need to take care of the solar panels to ensure that they’re working at optimum efficiency? Maintaining them from time to time would ensure their longevity as well. With summer just around the corner, you should start cleaning your solar panels in preparation for summer.

Solar Panel Cleaning Tips For Summers

1. Remove anything that covers the panels

Torn tree branches, big leaves, or twigs are a strict no-no on the solar panels. You should remove them as soon as you see them. Even the slightest obstruction on the panels can affect their efficiency. Suppose you have four cells installed side by side. Obstruction to one of the panels will affect the performance of the other cells also because they are interconnected. They will provide a weaker output. Therefore, remove any branch, piece of cloth, or leaves that may fall on top of the panels after a storm.

2. Clean the dirt

Over time, dirt will accumulate on top of the solar panels. It is important that you clean them before they prevent the panels from working at their optimum levels. Wipe the dust clean and then use a water hose to clean the cells thoroughly.

3. Check the gutters

Don’t forget to check the gutters on the roof. Twigs, leaves, and grime shouldn’t block them. Blocked gutters will lead to the pooling of water on the roof and may affect the wires and connections from the solar panels. Moreover, water pooling on the roof may seep through the ceiling and walls, leading to dark patches.

4. Service the solar panels

Spring is the best time to service the entire solar panel system. This is the season that provides the appropriate balance of heat and sunlight that solar cells require. Servicing them once a year will ensure that they work at their optimal level for years.

Best Time to Install Solar Panels

Spring and summer are two seasons when solar panels work at their optimum level. However, when it comes to installation, it’s better to opt for spring. There are two reasons for this: first, it’s a comfortable season for professionals to install the panels. The scorching summer heat can become unbearable since installation takes a few hours. Secondly, you can save a few bucks because there is relatively less demand for solar panels at the start of spring.

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