Essential Things to Know about Solar Rebate Perth, WA

There is no fixed rate of solar rebate in Perth, WA. The rate changes according to the valuation of the Small Technology Certificate. Remember, the higher your solar energy system’s capacity, the higher the rebate.

How Does Solar Rebate Work?

The rebate you get depends on the number of certificates your solar energy system receives. These certificates determine the system’s offset carbon emissions for the next 9 years. That means your system will produce clean and green energy for up to 9 years, thus allowing you to significantly save on energy bills. The government appreciates your effort to go green, and therefore, offers a token of appreciation by providing subsidies. 

How Much Solar Rebate Are You Entitled To?

As already mentioned, the rate of rebate depends on the capacity of the solar energy system and the number of certificates you possess. For example, you may get a rebate of $3065 on a 6.6 kW system. The rate changes to $1795 for a 3.9 kW system. 

You can even calculate the solar rebate by using the following formula:

Maximum STC = Total wattage of the system’s solar array x 1.382 x 9/1000

If your system has a maximum capacity of 3.9 kW, here’s how much rebate you can expect:

(3900 x 1.382) x 9/1000

= 5389.8 x 9/1000

= 48.50

This means you are eligible for 48.50 STCs. Multiply the STCs with $37, the current market value. = 48.50 x $37

= $1794.5

The key to figuring out the approximate rebate is to calculate the STCs. Once you get the STC, you can check out the current market valuation and calculate your rebate.

If you want to know more about solar energy systems and the rebate procedure, you can contact us at 08 9417 9191. We will walk you through the steps to install a solar energy system in your house so that you can take a step forward to making the planet greener. Learn more about Solar Power Perth & South West WA.

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