Electrical Safety Tips at Home

We enjoy electricity 24/7, but we should also be wary of electrical accidents at home. There should always be safety mechanisms so that everyone can enjoy electrical services, but still be safe from harm each day. Circuit breakers and safety fuses can even protect children, who are most at risk.

However, some accidents still happen. Anyone who does their own electrical work without the proper skills and license can further damage the electrical plan or worse, be injured by a preventable accident. 

Don’t be an Accident Statistic

It is not recommended that under no circumstances do you do the following yourself (to avoid  becoming an accident statistic):

  • Installing any wiring
  • Repairing any appliances
  • Replacing a light switch
  • Changing a power point

The safest electrical task that can be done by a responsible adult who is not a licensed electrician is changing light bulbs. Always turn off the electricity before changing light bulbs

You should know where your safety switch is at home, and if you don’t have one, have a licenced electrician install one.

How to Be Safe Around Electricity

Here are tips to ensure electrical safety at home. 

  1. Use childproof plugs to cover outlets. 
  2. Keep extension cord use to a minimum. They should always be kept to the side; never run them under rugs or carpets.
  3. Always pull a plug, with its head, as internal wires can loosen when you pull.
  4. Don’t tie cords. Unwind them fully to prevent them from overheating.
  5. Never leave any electrical appliances like hair dryers or heaters unattended. 
  6. Do not use piggybacks or double adapters. 
  7. Don’t overload an outlet with too many plugs. 
  8. Keep your hands dry when using any electrical appliances.
  9. Always check electrical appliances, switches, plugs, and cords for any damage. Replace or repair them as needed.
  10. Make sure that appliances are well ventilated so that they don’t overheat.
  11. Have your smoke alarms and Safety Switches (RCD’s) checked every year

If you think that you may have an electrical fault, consult a licensed electrician. Call Powerlec today!

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