Electrical Safety Certificate Busselton

Any electrician or electrical contractor must acquire the proper licence and comply with specific requirements if intending to undertake electrical work in Busselton and other parts of Western Australia. After the electrical work is complete, the electrician must provide you with an electrical safety certificate in compliance with the law.

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What is the Electrical Safety Certificate?

This is a legal document guaranteeing that a licensed electrician has completed and tested the installation and that all work was done in full compliance with Western Australian electrical requirements.

It certifies that the project is safe to connect to the electrical supply.

The electrician must keep a copy of the electrical safety certificate for at least five years.


When is the Electrical Safety Certificate Required?

The certificate is required for installing electrical systems or appliances for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties.

During the sale of a property, the electrical certificate is required to ensure the buyer that all the electrical appliances and systems are safe.

A certificate is not required if a new appliance replaces an old one or if the electrical work is for maintenance purposes.


Why is the Electrician's Licence Important?

All electricians must go through years of training and apprenticeship and pass an assessment to get licensure. The licence ensures the client that the electrician has the proper training and qualifications for the job.

Working with electricity requires a high level of skill. Work done without the proper licence can increase the risk of an electrical fire. Even though they might quote you a lower price for the job, it is not worth the risk to hire an unlicensed worker.

At Powerlec, all electricians are licensed and have extensive experience in various electrical projects. We are proud of our team of experts who provide our clients with the highest level of customer service.


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For more than two decades, residential and commercial clients in the Busselton area have trusted Powerlec to provide solutions for their electrical needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standards that go beyond industry requirements.

We have extensive experience in appliance installations, indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, wiring, alarm systems, new sockets, and much more.

To find out how we can help with your electrical system or wish to upgrade to a more energy-efficient alternative, call us at our Busselton office.


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