Busselton Shire Energy Strategy

What is the Busselton Shire Energy Strategy?

The Busselton Shire Energy Strategy is a plan developed by the town council. In the future, the city plans to cut back on carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.


The city wants to reduce its carbon footprint and maximise benefits to ratepayers by lowering energy costs and pollution. By providing a clean and renewable source of energy, the town offers citizens a healthier environment.


They’ll accomplish this through the most efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energy sources. The town aims to be a net energy generator eventually. It’ll do so by investing in alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar power.

With our sunny weather here in Busselton, using solar panels is an excellent alternative. Both solar panels and wind turbines produce clean energy. Switching over to these energy sources will make a significant dent in the town’s carbon emissions.

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What are the energy targets?

Government regulators set energy targets. In this case, regulators set the objectives for the amount of renewable energy that towns must use. The goals that the city has set are to:

  • Generate all power for the town’s needs using renewable sources by the year 2030.
  • Reduce the carbon emissions of commercial entities to half the 2017-2018 levels by the year 2030.
  • Work out plant and fleet efficiency targets by the year 2025.

These aren’t legally mandated targets but rather goals for now. Some think that it’s an ambitious vision, but it’s likely to come to pass.

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Why Reducing Carbon Emissions is a Good Idea

It’s simple – if we don’t, climate change will become disastrous. According to National Geographic, we’re probably seeing the effects in East Africa right now. Swarms of locusts are making their way through swathes of crops, destroying food security in the area.

What does that have to do with climate change?

The Indian Ocean Dipole was particularly pronounced last year, possibly as a result of climate change. This change in gradient led to longer rainy seasons and conditions that made the locust attack inevitable.

And, before you say that Africa’s a long way away, experts believe that the Dipole also played a role in the devastating bushfires here.

Reducing carbon emissions is essential in securing the future of the planet. For that reason, each of us must play our part.

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