5 Tips to Prepare Your Aircon for the Summer

Installing an aircon can help you create a more livable environment at your house for you and your family. The aircon promotes better sleep and improves work performance. As we are approaching the summer months, it is much better to prepare your aircon for the heat. Preparing your aircon can keep your home cool and reduce the risk of dehydration. 

Here are 5 tips to prepare your Aircon for the summer: 

1. Clean Your Air Ducts 

Clean your air ducts to remove the debris and dust inside the air ducts. Cleaning the air ducts can keep the cool flow of air during summer. If there is dust inside the air ducts, people with allergies may feel uncomfortable inside your home. Therefore, clean and keep your air ducts free from debris and dust. 

2. Test the Performance of Your Aircon 

Test the performance of your aircon to ensure everything is working fine. Therefore, testing helps you know if the pipework, vents, air filter and thermostat work fine. If you notice hissing or leaking pipes, strange sounds and bad smells, you might want to hire a professional to inspect and repair your aircon before summer. 

3. Clean Your Air Filters

Dirt, fur, pollen, dust and even fibre can clog the air filters. Clogged air filters are usually inefficient. They can even churn out warm air in summer. If you do not clean your air filters, mould can grow. Therefore, the mould can impact the airflow. Regular cleaning and filter maintenance can ensure your aircon runs efficiently. 

4. Inspect and Clean the Outdoor Unit

Once you clean your air filters, you can now inspect the outdoor unit. Garden matter, dust and rubbish can build up on the outdoor unit. They can impact the efficiency of your air condition system. Regular inspection and cleaning of the outdoor unit can improve the efficiency of your aircon. Remember to remove any small animals living around your condenser unit. 

5. Book an Air Conditioning Service

It is difficult to clean and maintain an air conditioning system on your own. It is not easy to spot small problems in your aircon. It is much better to hire an air conditioning service to clean your ducts and air filters. They can even replace some parts. It is easy for professionals to troubleshoot the aircon and find faults. 

Book your inspection/installation today

It is beneficial to clean and maintain your air conditioning system before summer. If your air conditioner is in good condition, it can make your home more comfortable. If you work from home, you will have a good working environment. 

Do you want to install or repair your aircon in your Perth house? Just contact Powerlec to ensure your aircon is ready for the summer.

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