5 Tips On How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panel this Winter

There are several myths about solar panels not working during winter. Solar panels only work in hot weather. They do not work during the winter. They do not work in cloudy areas. They cannot withstand rainstorm or heavy rain. And installing solar panels causes roof leaks. All these myths are not true!

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panel this Winter?

1. Regular Maintenance

Overgrown trees, bird droppings, dirt, and even mould reduce the amount of sunlight the solar panels receive. They block sunlight from hitting your solar panels in Busselton. Trim overgrown trees and remove anything on top of your solar panels to get the most out of them.

2. Upgrade Your Appliances

Purchase appliances with rechargeable batteries. You will charge them during the day. They use battery power at night. Make sure the appliances have high energy star ratings. Use them to reduce your power usage.

3. Use the Winter Sun

You will need to ensure your solar panels catch the winter sun. You can trim or even cut down the trees blocking your panels during the winter. Additionally, you can adjust your solar panels. Change the angle of your solar panels to increase your energy output.

4. Store the Energy

Use battery storage to store energy during the day. You have shorter hours of sunlight, so charge your battery storage during the day. A battery storage stores the energy, which you will use at night. You can retrofit your home batteries to your existing solar PV system.

5. Use One Appliance at a Time

Using several appliances draws more electricity from your solar panels or battery storage. Use one appliance at a time to reduce your electricity usage. You will get the most out of your solar panels if you use one appliance at a time.

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