5 Most Damaging Structured Data Cabling Scenarios

It is important to get your data cabling right to support any future needs of your business. Getting your data cabling right minimises the risk of any accident disruptions and human error, reduces the risk of downtime, increases employee’s productivity and makes it easy to manage new tools. 

The following are the 5 most damaging structured data cabling scenarios. 

1. A Lack of Network Redundancy 

Lights can go out without warning, so every business needs an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a backup cabling network to ensure the power and connectivity stays consistent. Install these systems to ensure your crucial business operations are not affected. 

2. Mismatched Cabling 

If you use multiple manufacturers, then the manufacturers can supply different elements of your network. This can cause problems. Electrical mismatching between components occurs if the structured cabling network is not consistent end-to-end.

3. Disorganisation and Disorder 

Hiring different services to install, repair, and maintain your structured cabling networks can lead to a disorganized system. In addition, sloppy workmanship can lead to a disorganised structured cabling network. So, do not ignore poor record-keeping, inaccurate labelling and untidy patching. 

4. Wi-Fi problems 

Incorrect installation can cause Wi-Fi problems, such as intermittent connectivity and poor coverage. One of the main causes of most problems connecting various devices is using conflicting Wi-Fi standards. Incorrect installation of the Wi-Fi devices, installing them in the wrong position or using outdated cabling can cause Wi-Fi problems. 

5. Intermittent Faults 

Unidentified intermittent faults can affect your structured cabling networks. Malfunctioning or broken outlets and faulty patch leads can cause intermittent faults. However, it is difficult to identify the outlet or lead that keeps misfiring. 

It is better to hire reliable and trustworthy service to install, repair, and maintain your structured data cabling to save you time and money in the long term. If you are looking for a data cabling service in Perth for your home or commercial space, then contact Powerlec.

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