4 Reasons Why Your Solar Panel Isn’t Saving You Money

A lot of people pay more attention to the usual and major reasons that their solar panels are not saving them money. However, they forget to pay attention to small factors yet essential factors. Pay attention to all these reasons to ensure your solar panels save you money.

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Here are 4 reasons why your solar panel is not saving your money:

1. Inverter Faults 

Inverter faults can reduce your return on investment since they can affect the performance of the inverter. Therefore, you must regularly check your inverter to ensure if it is working as it should. Check your inverter during the day to ensure the light is green and not red or orange. If there is a fault, you will see red or orange light.

2. Dodgy Wiring

Dodgy wiring can expose your wiring to the elements. For example, rust can form on your solar equipment due to water damage, giving the electrical inputs and outputs of your solar panels a hard time. Hire an experienced and qualified installer to do the job properly and prevent dodgy wiring. Hire a qualified electrician to fix dodgy wiring.

3. Changes to Your Electricity Rate

Once someone installs a solar panel in some parts of Australia, their electricity retailer can change the electricity rate that they charge the person. The electricity retailer does this because they hate losing income. They lose income when people install solar panels.

Therefore, your electricity retailer can change your electricity rate once you install solar panels. You can change your electricity retailer to save money.

4. Damage Because of External Factors

External factors can damage your solar system. Home renovations can damage your solar system. Cables can deteriorate over time. Storms, bushfires can cause cracks on the solar panels or damage the panels. The output of a damaged solar system usually drops, so your solar panels will not save you money.

The main reason people install solar panels is to save money. If you notice your solar panels are not saving your money, call a qualified electrician to inspect and repair your solar panels. If you want to install or repair your solar panels in Busselton home or commercial space, then contact Powerlec today.

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